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How to Do a 5 Strand Braid

This is an easy hairstyle where you follow normal procedure of making a braid but by using 5 sections of hair. It does look tricky but once you get the hang of the braiding technique it is so easy. I find it really helps to say ” under, over, under ...

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Kate Middleton Updo

Kate Middleton Updo: We all love Kate Middleton – specially her hair. I mean, really? It’s always gorgeous. Here I’m showing you a simple Kate Middleton undo that’s rather fancy but is really easy. So easy you don’t even need to use heat! Enjoy!

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Cute and Simple Mom Hairstyles

 Cute and Simple Mom Hairstyles: Mothers are occupied, right? It’s interesting how such a little individual can take up so much time! What’s more, I just have two children so I can just envision what it’d resemble with additional. I do at present think about myself and the way I ...

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Easy Work out Hairstyles

Easy Work out Hairstyles : Sometimes, as much as you pin, twist, or otherwise secure your hair before a workout, it still manages to fall out at exactly the wrong time during a run or a stint on the elliptical. Having the right hairstyle is important when it comes to ...

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How to Color your Hair at Home

How to Color your Hair at Home: Hair color can be super expensive if done at a salon. But if you do one or two colors all over, it’s super easy to do yourself at home. Not to mention, a lot cheaper! I use Madison Reed and love that way ...

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Colorful Fishtail Braid

Colorful Fishtail Braid: This is a simple summer fishtail twist instructional exercise and it is colorful to the point that you will love the look. You will require some versatile groups and some bright yarns of shifting thickness. You can hitch those into internal areas of your hair and afterward make ...

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Twisted Side Pony Tail

Twisted Side Pony Tail: This is a decent contorted side pig tail hair instructional exercise which can be effectively accomplished with a few turns and afterward a side pig tail. Bear in mind to fix and firm the wound hair legitimately else it might fall off. Look at the video.

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